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Reaching Out: manatee aquarium

Reaching Out: manatee aquarium

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Date: May 20, 2018

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Many people are interested in ornamental fish, but only a few beginners who understand how to care for ornamental fish. Finally, many people who just take care of ornamental fish give up, because the fish are treated dead.

Actually, how to care for ornamental fish is easy-difficult. It all depends on your own ability, if you are serious with this hobby. You should really learn how to care for ornamental fish before buying it. Here's how to care for ornamental fish in ponds and aquariums.

How to Take Care of Fish in the Pool

Caring for ornamental fish in the pond can be the right choice for you who have more home page. In addition to more variety of ponds, caring for ornamental fish in the pond is also more natural look.

For fish ponds should have a depth of at least 80 cm. As for the width of the pool can adjust to the number of fish that will be maintained later. It is important to keep the fish from predators on it.

In addition, the depth of the pool also serves as a regulator of water temperature when the heat is very hot or rainfall is so high.

You can also put the plants on the edge of the pond, plant should cover half the surface of the pond. This plant can be a shelter as well as a shelter from predators.

You can use the water lilies lotus on the surface of the pond. Not only makes the pool to be shady, this plant can also beautify the pond. If there are leaves that fall into the pond immediately clean, the leaves can rot and become moss floating which causes pool water cloudy. This turbid water can make fish growth worse.

Do also trimming plants and reduce weeds regularly, this is to ensure the cleanliness of the pool is always awake.

How to Take Care of Ornamental Fish at Aquarium

If you do not have enough home pages, you can take care of ornamental fish in the aquarium. In addition to be a decoration of the living room or other space, the aquarium is also not too costly when compared with making fish ponds.

For aquarium types are also diverse, there is a freshwater aquarium, aquarium seawater and aquascape aquarium. All of these types have their respective advantages and disadvantages.

How to care for ornamental fish in the aquarium is also slightly different from how to care for fish in the pond. The most important thing to distinguish is the lighting.

If in the pond, there is already a sun that shines. Medium for the aquarium that is usually in the room so hard to get sunlight haru get additional light. Better still if given ultraviolet light. In addition to lights in the aquarium to maintain fish health. Ultraviolet lights can also beautify your aquarium.

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